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The Beatles used this song to end many of their early live performances. It was always a huge hit when they played it in concert, and was chosen as their opening song at their Shea Stadium performance on August 15, 1965 - the first Rock concert held in a stadium.

John Lennon admitted that he screamed the lyrics. The Beatles had to sing loud when they did countless live shows in their early years. Lennon had a bad cold and a sore throat when he recorded this song. That's what gave the lead vocal the "strained" sound that it has.

Paul is not a better singer than John, he just reaches the high notes easier cause that's the way his voice is. Paul has a nice soft voice, but John's voice is that Beatles-soundy that you need on that Rock n roll songs. John sounds great on that kind of songs.

I love this song, it's very high energy - it makes even me want to dance. I consider John Lennon's vocal on this record one of the most sexy's rock n' roll performance ever!
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