quarta-feira, abril 07, 2010


I woke and you were there
beside me in the night.
You touched me and calmed my fear,
turned darkness into light.

I woke and saw you there
beside me as before.
My heart leapt to find you near
to feel you close once more.

To feel your love once more.

Your strength has made me strong.
Though life tore us apart
and now when the night seems long
your love shines in my heart

Your love shines in my heart.

This is a wonderful music with amazing lyrics. It could be a nice sharing gift to whom that  brigthens our life. I think it's a very difficult, even an impossible, job, to define love. It's easier conceptualize passion in a bunch of pretty words, but love means much more than that.
This melody, this poem and this strong, soft, thrilling voice, from Dulce Pontes, explanes it all.

After 37 years of toghetherness, feelings become smoother, tender and refined. We insert and improve love into our life.

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  1. beautiful
    I'm a follower

  2. Holá

    Me gusta tenerte conmigo.

    Te quiero chica.

    mmmmmmmmm Mona

  3. Romantic, you!!!

    :)Gosto muito desta música. *****

  4. O meu filtro é na verdade cor de rosa. No sentido de uma perspectiva emocional e objectivamente positiva da vida.

    Obrigada pelo contributo!

  5. Esse seu filtro é mágico.
    Sempre que puder vou procurar olhar através dele.

  6. Obrigada Alfredo.
    Folgo em tê-o por cá.