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Optimism, Future and Political Freedom

"But all that my optimism about the present can offer for the future is hope. It can give us hope and incentive; for we have suceeded in making a lot of things better, and similar success is not impossible in the future."

"As far as the future is concerned, we should not seek to prophesy but simply try to act in a way that is morally right and responsible. This means we have a duty to learn to see the present correctly, not through the tinted spectacles of an ideology. We can learn from reality what is possible to achieve."

"The future is open, and we have a responsability to do our best to make the future still better than the present. But this responsability presupposes freedom. In a despotic system we are slaves, and slaves are not fully responsible for what they do. This brings me to my final main thesis.

Political freedom - freedom from despotism - is the most important of all political values. And we must always be prepared to struggle for political freedom. It can always be lost. We should never sit back and assume that our freedom is secure."

POPPER, KARL (2001). All LIfe is Problem Solving. London and New York:Routledge. pp. 112
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  1. Anónimo23.1.10

    Always wishing a better world. Always struggling for it. So important your citizenship, moral values and willful mind. Democracy needs action, open minded knowledge, and an assertive participation.
    Cheryl Wilson